About Us

We are a friendly and highly professional firm that can assist with a wide range of our client’s needs assisting them in finding the very best solution for them. We live our People and Relationships Matter motto and approach all client engagements with a desire to achieve the very best outcome possible. As our name says we are strategy and solutions based, there is always a solution to any issue, you just need to find it.

We also have available a network of other skilled advisors who we can call on if the service or need of a client isn’t within the scope of our firm or is in another area of professional conduct. This ranges from accounting advice in non-traditional areas, legal, financial planning etc. If we can’t provide the solution then we will find an advisor who can.

Company Profile

Strategic Accounting Solutions commenced business on 1 January, 2008 and was conceived from the desire of its founding partner, Simon Cannington, to create an accounting firm that puts people and relationships first, genuinely seeking to offer a complete service to each of our clients.

Strategic Accounting Solutions aim to ensure that every client feels valued and that the level of service is excellent for all clients. We focus on building close and strong ties with our client base by working harder and smarter, adding the maximum value and service possible to each client.

Our firm name embodies our approach to client service, with a solution based focus we aim to proactively respond to each need. At Strategic Accounting Solutions we believe that for every client’s problem we can find a solution. We aim to seek strategic and beneficial outcomes for each client; this is our key goal in every engagement.

Our desired clientele includes: people involved in the small business sector, high net worth individuals, high income professionals, self managed superannuation funds and investors. We work within a targeted client field to ensure we maintain the highest level of expertise in advising for every level of service we provide.

With each client we ensure they are structured to obtain maximum benefit for their taxation, asset protection, succession or other needs. We continue to research all available tax planning options, keeping abreast with recent knowledge and legislative developments to give each client the best possible opportunities, enabling then to run their business at optimum efficiency and profitability.

Our goal at SAS is to offer you excellence in the provision of strategic and solution based taxation and business advice in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Most importantly we believe that people and relationships matter!

Things we love