Monday, 05 December 2011 00:32

First win on ‘home soil’!

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case it is pretty clear there is only one word to describe Andrew McGraths victory – EMPHATIC!!

It is a great result for Andrew (AJ) who has been working very hard not only on his bike fitness but his overall health for the last few months. Good things come in time and so it was on Sunday 4th of December when AJ hit the St Kilda Cycling Club criteriums course.

In one of those classic ‘win’ stories the day started nothing like that for AJ. He had ‘bad legs’ and really wasn’t feeling that good and thought it was just going to be another mid-range ride in the crit. The race itself wasn’t the most eventful and so it came that the D Grade bunch was into the final three laps. Knowing the drill to give yourself any chance of a win AJ moved himself up to near the front of the pack. The pace was hot with a strong tail wind down the back straight offering the field the chance to pump along at well over 40km’s per hour.

Heading into the home straight to start the final lap AJ had one of those moments were it all become clear and as the field all watched each other to see who would make a move AJ hit out to start the final lap trying to solo to the finish. Caught by surprise it seems the pack might have spent a little too long looking at each other to see who would take responsibility for the chase. By the time AJ reached turn two and had a look behind he found he had a 30 meter lead!! Spurred on by this and the fact the green lights had gone on in the body and the legs were now fully awake he managed to keep improving his lead all the way till victory.

This lead to the pure joy of taking Team SAS’s first victory on home club turf in a manner so emphatic that he was able to take his time, savour the win and cruise across the line, as the photo shows.

Great work AJ, it couldn’t be more deserved!!

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