Cycling Race Reports

Thursday, 15 December 2011 02:31

Race report SKCC Crit 2.10.11

So the race report for first crit of the 2011/12 season from my perspective, AJ has another much more exciting one!!

My first ever real crit, I have done a couple of E Grade last year but this was the first genuine real thing. I wasn’t fazed with the pace, I could handle that and I had the burst to move forward if necessary so that all felt good. What I didn’t have was the stamina to see it out. About 20 minutes in I found myself drifting from mid field to the back as a few started to try hard to hang on, me included. It was simply a case I couldn’t hold the pace at the ongoing sustained time period. In short come 27 minutes it just went boom and I could not hold on anymore.

I could be upset but I am putting my ego in the back pocket and simply saying it is what it is. I wasn’t fit enough for that kind of long effort and so be it.

Great effort by AJ, he is strong and I think the SAS kit will be gracing the C grade ranks soon with him and likely Sam as well. More incentive to work HARDER.

The crits had an awesome feel about them, A Grade was 86 strong with four people wearing green and gold bands so a huge quality field. D grade had about 40+ so large field there too as I understand it. I think we can make a good presence there and have some fun so looking forward to having all of us there J

Also, great to see AJ's wife, Melissa, and their kids at the crits, Max had his SAS hat on, too cool!!!!!