Team SAS

One of the things SAS loves is to encourage others to get fit, spend time with those who inspire and encourage them, have fun and to engage in some healthy competition. So what better way to do that then create a team…a cycling in April 2011 Team SAS was formed!

Team SAS consists of individuals who all juggle one or all of the following...a career, running their own business, raising a family, etc.  The team knows life is busy but each individual also appreciates having a companion or two and a reason to get out of bed for a training ride or race. It is not a team of A Grade riders but rather people who simply share a common love for a great sport and pastime and want to enjoy the camaraderie and support the team environment offers.

In this spirit, the team also has the goal of being a guide to others new to racing and offering them assistance into the world of competitive bike racing that most of us have only recently joined.

The members of the team are all also members of St Kilda Cycling Club and can be found over summer racing in the various criterion racing available throughout Melbourne and in winter taking part in the various road races throughout Victoria.

To see what the team has been up to lately, please check out the SAS Blog.